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Howran Hills Farm began with the purchase of a single Welsh Pony in 1996. That pony proved to us that ponies like these were intended for families. The temperament of this pony was such that at six years of age, she could be trusted with a four year old, inexperienced rider. She
was and "is incredible"!  She was the beginning...

Then, the search was on, to find a suitable mate so that we could create other ponies like E.J. .
Ponies of wonderful temperament, with substance and bone, that could be used by the entire family, but that still exhibited the characteristics of "true Welsh type".  Since we were only interested in breeding 'Section B' ponies, this turned out to be more difficult than originally thought.  We eventually found our herd sire, Las Brisas Fandango on a large ranch in Texas.  He was exactly what we had been searching for and more!  Of course having suitable mares was then a requirement for ensuring that this stallion's traits could be passed on.

Howran Hills Farm was born!
Our entire family is involved with the ponies and with showing and training. Our favourite thing to do as a family is to trail-ride with our neighbours on Sunday afternoons.
What better way to spend the day????

Jim & Marie Howran
R.R. #9  Peterborough, Ontario K9J6Y1
(705) 876-9417


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